Information is power! The IIAW and IIABA have multiple unique and award winning publications addressing the most pressing issues facing our industry. The Big “I” creates original content daily—information that helps agents sell more efficeintly and effectively.  From whitepapers and research to print and online content, Big “I” agents have a wealth of resources at their fingertips to help them run a better agency. Member Resources and Publications include:

  • Independent Agent Monthly Magazine (IIABA)
  • Wisconsin Independent Agent Monthly Magazine (IIAW)
  • IIAW Spotlight Weekly E-newsletter, includes Action News (IIAW)
  • IIAW Ed-Zone E-news (IIAW)
  • The Marshberry Counterpoint Magazine (IIAW)
  • HR and New Hire Toolkit (IIAW)
  • Facebook Advertising Guide (IIAW)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Toolkit
  • New Agency Toolkit (IIAW)
  • Work from Home Toolkit (IIAW)
  • Online and Print Membership Directory (IIAW)
  • Health Insurance and ACA publications
  • Young Drivers Brochure (IIAW and AAA)
  • Insurance News & Views (IIABA)
  • Two for Tuesday (IIABA)
  • VUpoint (IIABA)
  • Agents Council for Technology Newsletter (IIABA)
  • Big "I" Advantage Newsletter (IIABA)